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    CU Tomorrow Conversation #2: Goals, Assessments, & Focus Groups

    If you missed last month’s session with Filene’s Ben Rogers, don’t fret. Jeff Purvis sits down with Filene’s once-Young Adult Driver, now-Director of Research (congrats on the promotion, Ben) to discuss Filene’s latest findings on how to build accountability, measure success, and create a culture of listening, growth, and improvement around your Gen Y initiatives.

    To get a little more detailed, the description explains that Ben’s conversation covers:
    Advisory Groups to gain a sense of what younger members want. Using these focus groups can provide credit unions of any size valuable information in the development and implementation of young adult programs with little or no designated budget.

    Measuring current success - Filene’s ‘Young Adult IQ’ Survey Tool is designed to help credit unions gauge the level of success in serving young adult members. The results stress the importance of including younger members in the governance process, marketing strategies and human resources.

    Setting goals for future program activities – Credit unions participating in these webinar series are encouraged to set goals to measure their efforts in attracting, serving and maintaining younger members.

    Click here to read Ben’s report on recruiting and retaining young adult advisors .

    What goals and assessments have you set in place with your Gen Y initiatives? How do you keep yourself accountable? What are your barriers to getting this done?

    Hit us up with your questions and comments.

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