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    Looking for credit unions involved in Gulf Coast Aid

    I ran across this call for help, posted by Phillip Bush – Fellow at Enterprise Community Partners – on the Community Development Banking listserve this morning:

    I was recently forwarded the email below, can anyone help me direct this person to resources and support? Surely their situation isn’t uncommon and there is some system to help those who are struggling to pay mortgages for both where they moved after Katrina and for their original home.

    The email reads as follows:

    My home was destroyed in Katrina. I and my husband decided to stay in Pensacola Florida and purchased a house. I have taken Louisiana Road Home Funds and started last Jan 08 rebuilding my house in St Bernard. I have been trying for the last 6 months to sell the property here in Florida with no takers.

    I am currently a couple of months behind in my mortgage in St Bernard and my husband is trying to find work in Louisiana. He has been living in a gutted house since last March and I am waiting for a right time to transfer with Lowes. We have everything done except a couple of wiring issues and we need to have drywall materials and have it installed. I ran out of money till we sell the house in Pensacola. I almost had the money to get the drywall when a contractor took $1000 of my money and then gave me a bad check back in September. I had a church group to install for free. Oh well live and learn.

    I have been writing to everyone for help or a lead for help. I have a phone interview with the Lowes in Slidell Louisiana this Tuesday. I don’t know if that will get me closer to being home. I have faxed paperwork over to ACORN Housing and now directly to HUD. My mortgage company USBank Home mortgage is hard to deal with. They don’t budge.

    Anyway I am grasping at any straws I can find and you all are listed on the Road2LA.org so I decided to send this letter. If you can help great if not then maybe you know someone who can.

    Are there any credit unions out there with resources to step up and help out in this situation?

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