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    A Guide to Gathering Member Testimonials

    In support of our video contest, we’ve put together a guide to help you capture your member’s stories on video. Learning how to capture a story and understanding some fundamentals of video will hopefully be useful to you outside of this contest as well.

    Here are a few highlights:

    Seven “Deadly” Video Sins

    Avoid these if at all possible.

    • Headhunting — placing every subject in the center of your frame. Mix it up and make it unique and creative based on the credit union’s brand, the member’s personality, etc.
    • Motorzooming – dizzying for the viewer.
    • Rooting — staying in one spot instead of looking for interesting angles.
    • Firehosing — panning over the scene back and forth.
    • Upstanding – shooting everything from standing eye-level.
    • Snapshooting — taping only two or three seconds per shot.
    • Backlighting — too much light falling on the background instead of on the subject.

    Ask Questions

    The most useful content and dynamic testimonials have come by asking the member questions. This generates spontaneity and increases the credibility of the testimonial, as the viewer sees the member’s emotional reaction while reliving the experience. It doesn’t look rehearsed or overly polished, and viewers are more likely to associate with the provider.

    The following questions can be asked “off camera” to help capture a strong testimonial:

    • What did they struggle with before they sought the credit union’s help?
    • What did the credit union do that helped them?
    • What benefits are they now enjoying?


    It doesn’t get much more authentic than using real members. Their positive body language, voice tones and enthusiasm about a real situation cannot be contrived. Some members may not be the most photogenic, or the most fluent speakers, but they will provide an important layer of authenticity.

    Click below to download the full guide:

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