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    Three Great Links From Our Grant Writing Workshop

    We’re in Milwaukee this week for Summer League Liaison & Field Coach Meeting. All day today is our Grant Writing workshop, lead by Megan E. McNally, a principal of mds|Northwest, a boutique consultancy serving philanthropic and charitable organizations. Here are a few great resources she’s shared so far today:

    The Benefit Bank

    The Benefit Bank is a web-based, counselor-assisted program that simplifies and centralizes the process of applying for many state and federal benefits for low- and moderate-income individuals and families. Through its eligibility screening tool, TBB can ensure that people are fully aware of the benefits to which they are entitled and, as an expert system it helps maximize the benefits and tax refunds they can secure. The “one-stop-shop” concept of TBB reduces the amount of time needed to apply for benefits. Further, the information a person enters is stored securely, so an individual who wishes to reapply for benefits, apply for new benefits or file future tax returns simply needs to enter his or her username and password to initiate this new action.

    The Benefit Bank is a free service. No consumer can be charged for using TBB. TBB is free for use by host organizations.


    In 2002, the White House began an intensive effort to build, launch and manage a diverse portfolio of government-to-citizen, government-to-business and government-to-government websites. Operated, managed and supported by Federal agency partnerships, these initiatives provide high-quality solutions such as citizen tax filing, Federal rulemaking, electronic training, and benefit information delivery. The beneficiaries include citizens, businesses and Federal and State government employees.

    The first of these initiatives to reach the Internet was GovBenefits.gov, an effort to provide citizens with easy online access to government benefit and assistance programs. The GovBenefits.gov mission focuses on reducing the expense and difficulty of conducting business with the government and increasing citizen access to benefit information.

    National Center for Children in Poverty

    The goal of the Making Work Supports Work project is to help policymakers create a work support system that enables all full-time workers to provide for their families and ensures that earning more always improves a family’s financial bottom line.

    ...And don’t forget that starting tomorrow, you can watch the meeting live at http://www.realsolutions.coop/live.

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