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    Impact Assessment: Baseline Survey Results May 2009

    Measuring the impact of partner credit unions among low-wealth and modest income families is one of the most important things we do at REAL Solutions. It’s how we learn what works. Our Baseline Survey is an ongoing measurement tool designed to measure the percentage of credit unions offering — and planning to offer — our key products, programs, and services.

    As of June 2009, 255 credit unions (43%) have responded to a 33 question survey to help us determine:

    1) The products and services our credit unions are offering, and
    2) The emerging markets they serve.

    Leagues & Associations:

    Another goal of our survey is to provide a true baseline for leagues and associations for measuring adoption of products and services as their state programs progress. It also provides metrics for determining REAL Deal credit unions.

    Read the full report online:

    Read the report below. You can click the Toggle Fullscreen icon in the top right of the document reader to make the it larger.

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