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    Introducing: Biz Kid$ Braincandy

    334 PBS stations in all 50 states are broadcasting new episodes of the Emmy Award winning Biz Kid$ underwritten by America’s credit unions. Each episode of Biz Kid$ includes four stories from successful young entrepreneurs reinforcing the importance of saving, budgeting and giving back to their communities. Each episode comes with teaching materials, lesson plans and activities that meet national financial literacy standards. Credit union professionals and volunteers, as well as school teachers and after school programs are teaching the lessons from Biz Kids in Classrooms and community centers.

    As an old NYIB classroom presenter, I appreciate the value of Biz Kid$. Over the years I have probably done a hundred classroom presentations – I most enjoyed working with junior high kids. Bribing them with candy, pizza and all kinds of stories seemed to work. I learned pretty quickly that learning happens when kids are having fun. But I think they left with valuable information too – Today those classroom presentations would be easier because the fun comes in the little green box of Biz Kids episodes.

    Credit union folks across the country are hosting Biz Kid$ camps, after school programs and credit union contests. Well we wanted in on the fun. Starting this week, we’re kicking off a series dedicated to Biz Kid$ stories and braincandy from credit unions across the country. And we’re looking forward to seeing your own Biz Kid$ comments and stories along the way.

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