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    REAL Solutions is Saving $200 Million Annually for 2.2 Million Consumers in Wisconsin

    The Wisconsin Credit Union League, the league where REAL Solutions originally started, sent out a press release yesterday with some amazing statistics on the impact that REAL Solutions has made in Wisconsin and nationwide:

    A credit union initiative that started in Wisconsin called REAL Solutions is saving $200 million annually on a full range of financial services for 2.2 million consumers across the state. Nationwide, REAL Solutions now involves more than 1,100 credit unions from 37 states and is returning $7 billion in annual benefits to 90 million Americans who are their members. Those figures do not reflect millions of dollars in additional value credit unions deliver via more “intangible” services to members as well as local communities.

    In addition to the billions of dollars U.S. credit unions save members with lower fees and more competitive rates on loans and savings accounts is the value they provide through services like free financial counseling, free tax preparation for low-income filers, programs to improve borrowers’ creditworthiness, outreach to new Americans, financial education within schools, charitable support and much more.

    Read the full story for more on REAL Solutions’ impact
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