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    Financial Literacy with Biz Kids

    One of the things I miss most about being in a credit union is the opportunity to visit local schools to provide financial education. I loved working with junior high students – yes I bribed them with pizza, candy and snacks but also brought them great information about managing money. I don’t know who learned more – them or me but I enjoyed every minute. Some called me a masochist but I liked junior high students – they had a lot to say and a lot to learn.

    In my work with REAL Solutions, I have learned that access to right-time or just in time financial education or counseling programs will help members of all ages make better life decisions. When thinking about youth education we are luckier today than I was 25 years ago. We have a myriad of educational tools available that insure kids have a good understanding of managing a budget and building financial wealth. Many of these tools are free or low-cost including the NEFE (National Endowment for Financial Education) materials and Reality Fairs (See CUNA’s Mad City Money or see America’s Credit Union Museum CU for Reality Program).

    If you are interested in doing classroom presentations you should also check out BizKids. Funded by America’s Credit Unions, BizKids is a cool tv show that talks to kids about money – how to earn it – how to save it – and how to make it grow. BizKids airs on more than 300 public television stations in all fifty states. Now you can use the episodes and the corresponding education modules in your next classroom presentation.

    If you want to reach kids with financial literacy, Biz Kid$ is the silver bullet. With the funding provided by the coalition of America’s Credit Unions, Biz Kid$ educational outreach has impacted at least six million parents, teachers, and students. There are other fine financial literacy programs but Biz Kid$ is the only one with a video element that engages kids and families alike. This series aligns beautifully with the credit union mission and extends the reach of credit unions in their communities across the country.

    BizKids was the proud winner of a 2010 Herb Wegner Memorial Award. As part of the awards ceremony the video was shown that highlights the BizKids story. Have you any BizKids in your family?

    Jamie Hammond, Executive Producer
    Biz Kid$
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