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    Bucky Sebastian – Joining the National Credit Union Foundation

    Bucky Sebastian - Photo Credit: Widoff Photography

    After two weeks of much-needed vacation, I am happily back in my REAL Solutions seat. By far the most exciting news upon my return was the one announcing the NCUF Board’s decision to hire Bucky Sebastian as the new NCUF Executive Director.

    Bucky and I have both spent the last many years in the Florida credit union system. Over the years, Bucky has proved himself again and again to be fully committed to credit unions - to our purpose, our structure, and most importantly to our members.

    As a former credit union president, Bucky lead by example by bringing financial services to the people who need them the most. As our new Executive Director, he'll lead our leagues, credit unions, and communities to continue changing lives across the country.

    Few states have been harder hit than Florida due to the downturn in the economy. During the 2009 Governmental Affairs Conference, REAL Solutions had the opportunity to talk with Bucky and learned how his credit union was helping members in financial difficulties. I particularly remember him sharing how his credit union helped members that could not meet their mortgage payments. "We want them in homes!" he said (see the video below).

    I was inspired: he was helping members stay in their own homes and at the same time best protecting the interests of the credit union. That same kind of innovative and creative thinking will now guide REAL Solutions Leagues, credit unions and members.

    So on behalf of all of REAL Solutions: Welcome, Bucky!

    When you own your own financial institution, you control your own finances. That is the best social program you can have, and it has not lost its genius.
    -Bucky Sebastian

    If you'd like to get to know Bucky more, check out this video interview from the GAC.

    Bucky Sebastian photo credit: Widoff Photography.

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