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    Podcast from the League of Southeastern Credit Unions

    I love to go to league meetings. It is a chance to really connect to credit unions and see what they are thinking and what is working for them. Next week I will be right here in Orlando for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions Annual Convention. I spent many years working for credit unions in Florida and know many of the folks from here. So it is always good to catch up.

    Florida has been hit pretty hard by the subprime mortgage crises. Really good and well run credit unions are having a tough time. Due to unforeseen real estate depreciation, credit unions are seeing higher than usual delinquency and foreclosures resulting in eroding capital for many of them. The attached podcast is the topics I will be covering in my presentation. I hope it will show Florida and Alabama credit unions that they can use the current economic situation to grow – attracting new markets and offering new products and services. Allan McMorris, NCUF board chairman will also be on hand to bring the NCUF message during the opening ceremonies. I know it is going to be a great convention and a great opportunity to catch up.

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