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    DE’s Provide REAL Member Solutions

    If you’ve ever met someone who’s gone through Development Education (DE) training, you know it’s an experience no one ever forgets. “Life-changing” is a descriptor that’s come up more than once in conversation. If you haven’t, or have never heard of DE, let’s talk for a second.

    DE is a program of the National Credit Union Foundation designed to take the most passionate people in credit unions and open their eyes to the depths of credit union purpose. A six day experience, DE covers:

    • Credit union social responsiblity
    • International and domestic finance issues
    • Community development
    • Credit union philospophy
    • Volunteerism
    • ...and many more contemporary issues under the umbrella of development.

    When the training is completed, trainees are called Development Educators – DEs. After reading this, you may start noticing people signing their emails with something like “Lois Kitsch, CUDE.” It’s a badge we wear with extreme pride.

    Each DE then commits to work on a credit union, civic or international project focused on credit union social values, building partnerships and improving local and global communities.

    Development Education is a direct compliment to the work we do at REAL Solutions. It’s been said that REAL Solutions covers the HOW in serving modest income families and that DE focuses on the WHY.

    To highlight DE projects in progress, we’l post a montly interview from DEs working to help the REAL Solutions mission.

    To learn more about DE visit the program website or call Tom Decker at (608) 395 5853.

    Our first interview will be with Lauren Mayhew of DCTFCU in Owensboro, Kentucky. To learn more about her work on youth financial education and the Bank On Owensboro program, click here to download her DE Highlight [PDF]

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  1. I read with great interest Lauren Mayhews’ Bank-On project. I echo the sentiments that she shared in this article. This is a wonderful idea and way to let others know what DE’s are up to and the projects that they are working on. The program is such a great tie back to the DE program. Excellent work!

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