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    What’s your reason?

    The Wisconsin League For a Reason Website

    The Wisconsin Credit Union League has launched a program called For a REASON and it does a tremendous job of demonstrating the value of the league and credit unions to the community. In addition to their community service, they also publish their annual report, detailing how Wisconsin credit unions delivered value to their community.

    Here are some stories they’ve captured:

    Pay it Forward

    The Do More Team – Capital View Triathlon

    Du Run Run

    Emotionally compelling, and a clear differentiator for our industry, this is a perfect example of a program that is mutually beneficial to the credit union and its members. We work with leagues, like Wisconsin, to help programs like this happen. If you are interested in becoming a partner of REAL Solutions, along with the other 34 leagues and more than 1000 credit unions, check out the details on our Partnership Programs.

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