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    Young Adult IQ

    Young Adult IQ Test

    For those of us who have been snipe hunting before, we know they are very difficult creatures to get your hands on! Fortunately, attracting Gen Y and other young adults to your credit union doesn't entail your management team digging through a haystack either.

    Young Adult IQ is a short survey tool designed by the CU Tomorrow program from Filene and REAL Solutions. It is a very simple and effective tool to use to self-assess the strengths and weakness of your credit union in regards to its approach to young adults.

    After taking this short test, your credit union will have a better idea of where you sit in the gamut of young adult programs. It will also show you, or at least make you think about, areas where your credit union can improve on what it is already offering.

    For some more information on CU Tomorrow from Filene, check out their website. REAL Solutions also has a variety of resources to explore the young adult marketing, including webinars and other research.

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