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    How to Start a VITA Site in Your Community

    A Community of Bees

    Bees and credit unions share a lot in common. A hives of bees works together to achieve common goals. Each bee has a designated role within their community and in the event of catastrophe, they band together to fix their problem.

    Credit unions have the opportunity to help their local communities by starting a VITA site. Like bees, the IRS, RAISE Texas, and the United Way of Texas have come together to create How to Start a VITA Site in Your Community.

    The attached toolkit has been developed in order to provide organizations, institutions, and collaborations with the basic information of what VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) sites are, the basic steps for starting a VITA site and the key operational activities necessary to successfully operate a site.

    For more information on VITA sites, check out our resources or contact our resident expert, Bill Myers, with any specific questions.

    VITA How-To Toolkit

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