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    IRS puts Silver Bullet in RALs

    Speaking of Refund Anticipation Loans, last week the Internal Revenue Service dramatically shifted the market by ending the RAL business with a single, much-delayed motion.

    This is important info for any credit union in the VITA program, whether or not you’re offering RALs:

    The Internal Revenue Service today announced that starting with next year’s tax filing season it will no longer provide tax preparers and associated financial institutions with the “debt indicator,” which is used to facilitate refund anticipation loans (RALs).

    RALs are loans secured by a taxpayer’s anticipated tax refund. Currently, tax preparers who electronically submit a client’s tax return receive in the acknowledgment file an indication of whether an individual taxpayer will have any portion of the refund offset for delinquent tax or other debts, such as unpaid child support or delinquent federally funded student loans. This acknowledgment is known as the debt indicator, and is used as an underwriting tool for RALs.

    Click here to read the full IRS release.

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