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    Nebraska’s YouTube Videos Illustrate the Benefits of Credit Unions over Banks

    YouTube is full of clever videos explaining the credit union difference, with Young & Free Alberta’s “The Difference between Banks and Credit Unions: Part 1” being the most watched at over 100,000 views.

    Last year, the Nebraska Credit Union League released a series of videos illustrating the benefits of credit unions over banks. The videos take a humorous tone, but still underscore what makes credit unions different (and better) than other institutions. The one above, “A Union Resulting in Lower Interest,” seems to be the most popular and is my favorite.

    Watch additional videos from the Nebraska Credit Union League:

    Not for Profit vs For Profit
    Types of Services – Better Your Team
    NCUL’s YouTube Channel

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  1. Well done! Laughed at the sign here & here, nice CU Swag!

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