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    Ohio Credit Unions Reach Out to Ted Williams, Homeless Man with ‘Golden Voice’

    I realize this isn’t directly pertaining to REAL Solutions, but it’s such a great story I thought it was worth sharing. From the Ohio Credit Union League:
    In a matter of a few hours, a Columbus area homeless man went from down on his luck, to the latest viral sensation, to a likely spokesperson for the Central Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Credit Union League. Ted Williams, who was featured on The Columbus Dispatch website in a video story titled “Golden Homeless Voice,” claims to be “an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times,” according to the sign he uses to panhandle.

    Inspired by the credit union spirit and by Mr. William’s story, Nicole Carey, Marketing Manager for BMI Federal Credit Union in Dublin, Ohio, set in motion an opportunity to give Mr. William’s his second chance. “I heard the story on a local radio station and thought there might be some way credit unions can help. He has the talent, and he appears driven to return to his voiceover roots.”

    Carey contacted the Ohio Credit Union League, who in turn contacted Central Ohio Chapter President Amanda Thomas, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Members First Credit Union in Columbus, to see if any opportunities for Mr. Williams existed within the local Credit Union Movement. The Chapter Board agreed he would serve well as the vocal talent for their upcoming video marketing campaign. This morning, live on Columbus’ WNCI-97.9 Morning Zoo, Thomas offered Mr. Williams up to $10,000 in voiceover work. The work is contingent on a background check.

    “The Central Ohio Chapter is planning to introduce videos to help further spread the word about our BumpYourBank.com website and to help consumers understand the difference between a credit union and a bank. Mr. Williams’ talent aligns perfectly with our needs, and things happened from there. We were glad to surprise him this morning with this opportunity,” said Thomas.

    A tearful and humbled Williams appreciated the offer. “Oh my God, Amanda. Thank you for that offer, thank you truly.”

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  1. Ted, You don’t no me but I’ve been watching your story on TV and the internet and I just feel extremely happy for you. This is your time so do your thing and make the right choices you have the power to do this believe in yourself. I love your voice and will always remember it. This is your chance shine now.

  2. The tears keep flowing each time I watch the reunion with you Ted & your Mom…This is such a beautiful story…And I am so happy for you and your family…I live in Ottawa Canada…So your story is touching the world…

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