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    Cast a Vote for Your Favorite CU Member Story

    VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. Click here to read the winner announcement.

    After much deliberation, we’ve narrowed the amazing videos sent in by leagues and credit unions across the nation down to our top five. And now we need your help!

    Below are the five video finalists. Watch, enjoy, and vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom. The last day to vote is Friday, January 21st and results will be announced shortly thereafter!

    Tamika Anderson – ELGA Credit Union

    Tamika Anderson relays how her spending habits, particularly relating to her car and home, got back on track thanks to financial consultations and budgeting help from ELGA Credit Union in Burton, Mich.

    Andrew Gaines – Lakeside Credit Union

    Andrew Gaines talks about how Lakeside Credit Union in Milwaukee, Wis. saved him from buying a home he couldn’t afford.

    Robin Pharo – Summit Credit Union

    Robin Pharo shares how Summit Credit Union in Madison, Wis. put people before profit and when granting her small business a loan.

    Saundra Marie Ramirez – SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

    Saundra Marie Ramirez discusses how SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union in Santa Ana, Calif. has helped her repeatedly with honest financial advice and support.

    Oscar Rivera – Guadalupe Credit Union

    Oscar Rivera shares his story of becoming a homeowner and small business owner with help from Guadalupe Credit Union in Santa Fe, N.M.

    Vote Here!

    VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner very soon!

    Hearing and seeing a member passionately talking about how their credit union experience has made the real difference is what this contest is all about. While we can only have one contest winner, each story exemplifies what makes credit unions unique and special.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed. You should be proud.

    (Click here to read about the contest.)

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  1. I would like to vote for Saundra Ramirez SchoolsFirst Member.

  2. Guadelupe Credit Union!

  3. Hello – You can vote for your favorite member story by clicking the button next to their name in the poll above.

    Thanks for your comments and interest!

  4. I am so incredibly proud and impressed to be part of a cooperative movement that puts PEOPLE first!

  5. Guadalupe CU has been a God send to myself as well as my family members. They are helpful, courteous and always willing to assist. Mortgage rates, auto, etc.are low and affordable. You want an honest CU, open an account with Guadalupe CU. You wont regret it. ;o)

  6. What great stories! I love my credit union!

  7. I agree with Pamela about Guadalupe Credit Union being a God send. When other banks and credit unions would not give me the time of day to help me re-build my credit, Guadalupe CU allowed me an opportunity to prove myself and through that it has really helped me in re-establishing my credit and credibility. Thank you so much Loretta and Nestor!!!

  8. Saundra Marie Ramirez is very sincere, she has my vote! Vote for Saundra!

  9. I vote for Robin Pharo. Her business has been doing great things in Wisconsin. Summit Credit Union has been a wonderful credit union for me to use for loans as well as checking and savings. When I have forgotten to transfer funds to cover a check, they have called me to ask about it so I could make the transfer necessary.

    My web page does not have a place to vote that I can see so this is my vote.

  10. I would like to vote for Robin Pharo.

  11. I vote for Oscar Rivera – Guadalupe Credit Union!!!!!

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