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    “Credit Union Donations Can Help Prepare Children” – Biz Kid$ Program Coordinator Writes in CU Times

    This Op-ed piece originally appeared in the 12/14/11 issue of the Credit Union Times:

    It should come as no surprise that financial education is critical and sorely-needed.

    A survey from The Hartford Financial Services Group found that more than three-quarters of students report that they wish they had more help preparing for their personal finances.

    Unfortunately, some educators are not providing a financial education course and may be unprepared to teach the subject, according to a report from the Financial Literacy and Education Commission. As a result, many lack the confidence to teach it to students.

    That’s where Biz Kid$ comes in. Credit unions have long supported financial education. It’s even part of the credit union philosophy and one of the cooperative principles. It’s what we do and also a great differentiator. Supporting and teaching Biz Kid$ is a great way for credit unions to make an impact.

    And, credit unions have stepped up. Over the past six years, 260 credit union system and affiliates have raised more than $10.4 million to support the show’s production, website and curriculum.

    Biz Kid$ is the Emmy Award-winning and credit union funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship. Many credit unions leverage Biz Kid$ to teach financial education in schools in their community. The website (bizkids.com) also features clips from the series, a blog and newsletter aimed at kids, and invites kids to appear on the show.

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    Danielle Brown is Biz Kid$ program coordinator at the National Credit Union Foundation. Contact: 971-295-6800 or bizkids@ncuf.coop
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