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    What Credit Unions Can Learn From…Supersize Meals?

    I just posted the following over on the CU Water Cooler Discussion Blog. Hope you find it interesting:

    According to an interesting new study, low-income consumers are more likely to order bigger portions of food (such as supersize meals) as a way to boost their status. It makes sense right? Typically people buy bigger homes, bigger cars, bigger TVs, etc. because bigger is perceived as better.

    Is there an opportunity here for credit unions? Credit unions were born out of serving the unbanked and those of modest means. And credit unions are still serving those who need our help the most.

    Recently, it was reported that 1 out of 2 people are low-income. Pay attention marketers – what if joining a credit union became synonymous with higher socioeconomic status, particularly among low-income consumers?

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