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    What would you Include in a FAQ about Credit Unions?

    The Aspen Institute wants to put people of modest means in touch with credit unions that can help with their financial needs. Its AssetPlatform at www.AssetPlatform.org is a resource for staff at nonprofit organizations to help lower-income families obtain financial education and coaching assistance to build assets. The site includes a credit union locator link to help individuals find a credit union in their area that they are eligible to join.

    Here’s the question I pose to credit unions: What reception will these individuals receive once in touch with your credit union? Many of these people may have had a bad experience with banks and few will have any knowledge of credit unions.

    So, we’ve put together some “Frequently Asked Questions” that will be posted on the AssetPlatform to help them become better acquainted with credit unions. We’ve also put together some FAQs that address obtaining a small loan at a credit union. Many of these individuals may be seeking help from the nonprofit organization because they need financial help with an emergency. Will your credit union be able to deliver?

    Click Here to Download the FAQs

    We are seeking your input regarding these FAQs. Are there other questions or matters we should address to guide individuals to the right credit unions or the right personnel within your credit unions? We want these nonprofits and their clients to see credit unions as helpful partners, not a maze of barriers and confusion. What do you think? Please send us your feedback.

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