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    Crash the GAC Attendee Reflects on REAL Solutions

    As part of winning the 2011 REAL Member Solutions Video Contest, Oscar Rivera got to go to GAC in Washington, DC a few weeks ago. While he was there, National Program Director Lois Kitsch took him to speak to the “Crashers,” a group of under 30 CU professionals. Crasher Sean Capaloff-Jones recently blogged about Oscar’s session at the Crash blog. Enjoy:
    Before hearing Oscar Rivera talk about what Guadalupe CU did for him when no other institution would bother, I didn’t truly understand what REAL Solutions meant, and I say this as someone who works at a credit union that participates in REAL Solutions. Sure, I got the gist, because like any other self respecting Millennial with a burning question, I looked it up to see what it was. Oscar, grand prize winner of the 2010 REAL Member Solutions Video Contest, had a story that helped me to grasp the program’s impact, and its tremendous potential.

    In the interest of being perfectly candid, in my preliminary research, my initial reaction was positive but not particularly enthusiastic. Great, I thought, this is what credit unions should be doing. But what’s the benefit for my credit union? Opportunities enter my inbox with comforting regularity, and it didn’t take me long to learn that if I tried to pursue each opportunity, I would never get anything done. So, how much energy should I devote to this when there are five other opportunities that more directly benefited my credit union….

    Read the Full Post at the Crash Blog
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