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    FoolProof Video Warns Young Adults About Unwise Spending

    From the Credit Union Times:

    Moving back in with your parents when you’re an adult is no joke, so the consumer advocates who founded FoolProof Financial Education Systems decided to share the Top 10 money moves that will land many back in their old rooms.

    Aimed at young people under 30, the list kicks off FoolProof’s new Burning Money video series, which focuses on helping develop the critical thinking skills necessary to become an intelligent spender and saver. Consumers can work through the 45-minute video sessions at their own pace.

    “What good does it do to teach budgeting and savings skills if young people don’t know how to spend money wisely, period,” said Will deHoo, founder of FoolProof. “Some of those young people are living at home because of the tough job market. But here’s the actual reality: if you’re burning money thoughtlessly, you are always limiting your choices in life–including where you live.”

    Click here for FoolProof’s BurningMoney site
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