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    Wisconsin CU League’s Investor Education Reaching Thousands of WI CU Employees

    The Wisconsin Credit Union League is making a difference across the state with the Investor Education in Your Workplace™ (or “IEiYW™”) program. IEiYW is a free, online financial and investment education program made possible thanks to a grant from the Investor Protection Trust.

    The Wisconsin Credit Union League currently helped train 14 CFE Certified Financial Educators® (CFEd) who worked to enroll up to 3,600 employees across the state to participate in online investor education courses. With additional outreach efforts planned by the CFEds and other IEiYW project partners, they are on track to provide training to 4,000 people by the end of the year. To help fund the initiative, the Wisconsin Credit Union League received additional grant funding this year from the National Credit Union Foundation’s REAL Solutions program.

    “Our project was designed to deliver quality, unbiased, online investor education to 4,000 consumers in the state of Wisconsin, all at no charge,” said Jim Drogue, Vice President – Credit Union Development at the Wisconsin Credit Union League. “The benefits of IEiYW are two-fold. The courses not only help credit union employee make wise financial decisions, but also help credit unions educate and serve their members.”

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