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    Reality Fairs Dispatched Around Texas by League

    Students shop for vehicles during a Reality Fair at Goose Creek Memorial High School in Baytown, Texas that was sponsored by Beacon FCU.
    The Texas Credit Union League has recently created two traveling Reality Fair sets for Texas credit unions to use and have already held six fairs in high schools across Texas since May. A Reality Fair is an interactive financial literacy tool for high school students that gives them the opportunity to participate in a hands-on event that guides them through the personal financial management process, including budgeting, saving and investing in a simulated real-world environment.

    To help fund the initiative, the Texas Credit Union League (TCUL) received grants last year from the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), the Texas Credit Union Foundation (TCUF), and the Friends of Consumer Freedom.

    “Thanks to the grant funding, the league has been available to offer the traveling Reality Fairs to credit unions all over Texas,” said Mike Delker, Senior Vice President of Credit Union Relations at the Texas Credit Union League. “Through this type of collaboration, the dollars go a long way in helping credit unions demonstrate to their communities that there are solutions available for their financial concerns.”

    “Financial literacy is a tremendous concern for families from all backgrounds in Texas and through these Reality Fairs, we will be able to not only raise awareness of serious monetary issues for students, but also pass that message along when participants relay what they have learned to their parents,” says Natasha Melugin-McAdoo, Director of the REAL Solutions program in Texas.

    Earlier this year, TCUL created the turn-key fairs using materials from America’s Credit Union Museum’s CU 4 Reality Program (cu4reality.org). The league then held six Reality Fairs in three schools across Texas since May, reaching almost a thousand students. More Reality Fairs are already scheduled for this fall and next Spring. TCUL’s Reality Fair is also going to be included as part of the orientation process for incoming students at a Texas college.

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