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REAL Solutions® Advisory Committee

The REAL Solutions® Advisory Committee works closely with the National Credit Union Foundation staff, providing guidance, as program strategies and priorities are developed and implemented.

Committee Composition

The REAL Solutions® Advisory Committee consists of seven members. Three of these members are representatives from the Board of Directors of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). Four other members come from REAL Solutions® partner credit unions or participating leagues. These members are appointed to the committee by the NCUF Executive Director. There are no term limits and the number of committee members will increase or decrease over time as needed. The committee will be dissolved when there is no longer a need for it.


This is not a standing committee of the NCUF; the committee will not have executive officers except for a chairman. This person is appointed by the NCUF Executive Director and will remain chairman unless the NCUF Executive Director appoints another committee representative.

Duties and Responsibilities

The committee meets each quarter either in person or by conference call. The committee provides insight, suggestions and guidelines for successful implementation. The committee also spreads the REAL Solutions® message in their local communities.

Fiduciary Responsibility

It is the policy of the NCUF to request the sponsor organizations to pay for the committee members travel expenses to committee meetings.

Current Committee Members:

  • Melanie Murphy, Illinois Credit Union League
  • Adena Whitman,  League of Southeastern Credit Unions
  • Laura Busque, Ohio Credit Union League
  • Tom McWilliams,  Mississippi Credit Union League
  • Don Cohenour, Missouri Credit Union Association
  • Mike Delker, Texas Credit Union League
  • Beth Troost, Michigan Credit Union League
  • Kasey Rockwell, League of Northwestern Credit Unions
  • Dawn Lindley, Virginia Credit Union League
  • Chad Helminak, Wisconsin Credit Union League
  • Barb Bass, Connecticut Credit Union League
  • Tena Lozano, California Credit Union League