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Lois Kitsch, Director, CUDE, DUDE, PHDE

Lois Kitsch joined the National Credit Union Foundation as the National Program Manager of the REAL Solutions program in December of 2006. In her prior role as the Director of Field Projects with the Filene Research Institute, Lois piloted the REAL Solutions program in three leagues which implemented and tested new business models designed to serve new target markets, including young adults, immigrants and modest income households. After the transition of REAL Solutions to NCUF, the REAL Solutions program is now or soon will be offered in nine additional leagues which will include over 250 credit unions and millions of members.

Prior to joining NCUF, Lois managed credit union development projects throughout Europe and Asia for the World Council of Credit Unions and has actively promoted credit union development in over 30 countries. From 1997 to 2001, she was the project manager of a successful credit union strengthening program in the southern Philippines. She has also traveled to Afghanistan four times to obtain funding for and determine the best method of promoting credit union growth in that war-torn country. Prior to her employment with WOCCU, Lois held management positions in credit unions in Florida and North Dakota.

Lois has received the designation of Credit Union Development Educator for the United States, Australia, Asia and the Philippines and has been recognized for her professional and volunteer work several times. She has received the prestigious Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Individual Achievement (2004) and has also been awarded the Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Outstanding Project (CUES Philippines) in 2002: the Annie Vamper Helping Hands Award from the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions; and several awards from Filipino cooperative organizations and public charities. Through the past several years, Lois has addressed credit union audiences in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the US on relevant credit union topics.


In addition to her role as the National Program Manager, Lois travels the country educating credit unions and leagues on a variety of substancial topics, including:


  • REAL Solutions┬«
  • Serving families of modest means
  • Products for low-wealth households
  • Payday Lending the Credit Union Way
  • Transaction services for unbanked consumers

Speaker Fees:

  • A voluntary donation to NCUF and travel expenses.

Lois can be reached at The National Credit Union Foundation at (407) 616-2409 or .