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Mark Lynch, CUDE; ACUDE

Mark Lynch, CUDE; ACUDE


Leagues’ staff continually remark that they are amazed how much they learn about so many things by being involved in REAL Solutions. They say they learn about what their credit unions are doing and what they want to do in a way they never have before. They say they learn about the innovative things that credit unions around the country are doing. They also say they appreciate learning about what other leagues are doing.

Mark Lynch is a credit union consultant, who has been a credit union member for over 30 years and a credit union board director for over 20 years. Prior to moving to the United States from Australia in July 2004, he was the Deputy Chairman of Australian National Credit Union, then Australia’s largest credit union and the Volunteer & Resources Manager with the Australian Credit Union Foundation where he was responsible for increasing the profile of CUFA within the credit union movement and coordinating the efforts of the Development Educators Network. Lynch became an Australian Credit Union Development Educator in 1999 and a U.S. Credit Union Development Educator in 2001.

Lynch has been involved in consulting, speaking and training for many years. In both countries, he has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars on a wide range of topics and has conducted training courses for managers and employees on subjects including consultative selling, organizational structure and change, social auditing, leadership, self motivation and goal setting. He has consulted and trained board directors on all aspects of board governance and has facilitated strategic planning workshops and meetings for boards and managers.

As a REAL Solutions field coach, he is working with the Massachusetts and Connecticut Leagues to introduce the program in credit unions in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.