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    Filene’s Experiential Learning Colloquium a Success

    Credit unions learned about a more effective way of reaching out to large member groups at the Filene Research Institute’s Experiential Learning Colloquium held Jan. 31 at The Carter Center in Atlanta.

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    Expanding Financial Access through Innovative Community Initiatives: Promising Practices from the Bank On Field

    NLC & Treasury Logos

    Recently, our own Bill Myers attended 2 day workshop put on by the National League of Cities and the U.S. Treasury Department to discuss how improved financial services can be delivered to underserved families. This is what he had to say about the event:

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    Youth Savings Accounts: New America Foundation

    New America Foundation

    From the New America Foundation comes their Youth Savings Accounts event: Low-income youth -- one of the world's largest and most vulnerable populations -- need new tools to achieve social and economic development. A small yet growing number of practitioners, policymakers, and scholars are exploring whether savings services could be one such tool.

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    Three Great Links From Our Grant Writing Workshop

    We’re in Milwaukee this week for Summer League Liaison & Field Coach Meeting. All day today is our Grant Writing workshop, lead by Megan E. McNally, a principal of mds|Northwest, a boutique consultancy serving philanthropic and charitable organizations. Here are a few great resources she’s shared so far today…

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    Live Streaming the Summer League Liaison & Field Coach Meeting

    Next week is our Summer League Liaison & Field Coach Meeting, three days packed with insight and ideas to help our leagues reach and serve their members in new ways.

    The program includes an economic update, a look at two innovative savings strategies (one of which was recently praised by the Wall Street Journal), new ideas in affordable auto lending, how to help members through the America’s foreclosure crisis, and strategies for reaching young members.

    For those of you who can’t make it this year, the good news is we’ll be live streaming video from most of the event over the web. You can tune in at your leisure to watch live video and comment on sessions. We’ll even have a chat window open to take your questions during the Q & A.

    Click through for more details.

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    From the Center for Financial Services Innovation

    Last week I attended a conference – not a credit union conference – but a financial services conference attended by all different kinds of financial service providers. Payday lenders, check cashers, bankers, regulators, community group, foundations and credit unions all gathered The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) annual conference.

    The CFSI is a group that works to “transform underbanked strategy” by “develops and distributes real-world tested research and strategy, provides funding to promising companies, and facilitates cross-sector business collaboration” (quoted from their site).

    In short: The conference was fascinating. The talk of the day was prepaid cards as the hottest new financial tool. With me was Field Coach Bill Myers, was kind enough who share his notes…

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