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    From Good to Growth – VITA Sites

    Vicki Joyal discusses VITA sites and how they can help credit union members. Between 20% and 25% of eligible filers don't claim their earned income tax credit for those families making less than %49,000 per year, commonly caused by the lack of knowledge around the tax credit and the inability to pay for tax preparation by a professional.

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    From Good to Growth – Partnerships

    Join our very own Bill Myers as he discusses building partnerships with non-profits to reach new markets and achieve goals you couldn't have achieved on your own. Bill discusses using partnerships to reach new markets, find new sources of funding, and emerging markets.

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    From Good to Growth – Tracking Results

    When a credit union implements a new product launch or service initiative, the credit union should have the tools in place to track the results. Frequently, credit unions are limited by their core processor on what they are able to track, thus dimishing the potential return of the project.

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    From Good to Growth – The Payday Loan Industry

    The payday loan industry has been ballooning in recent years, with estimates ranging from $18B to $40B dollars a year. With an average loan amount of roughly $350 and a term less than 30 days, these loans are estimated to service 20 million people in the US each year.

    Join Nancy Pierce as she discusses what credit unions can do to provide a member-friendly alternative to these expensive loans.

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    From Good to Growth – Reaching the Immigrant Population

    The immigrant population is the fastest growing emerging market and credit unions have a tremendous opportunity serve them. Whether through language classes, unique product offerings, or partnerships with community groups, credit unions are poised to help this market succeed.

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    From Good to Growth – Prepaid Cards

    We need a product that is a pre-checking account; a place that people can put their money and have the safety and access to other products and not experience the fees of overdrafts. That’s a prepaid card.

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    From Good to Growth – Youth Reality Fairs

    Hundreds of thousands of students around the country each year have access to financial literacy training through classroom presentations. Many of these classroom presentations are given my credit union staff and in numerous cases these initiatives have been pioneered by credit unions. However, a new concept in financial literacy education is sweeping the country and again it is credit unions that are leading the charge.

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    From Good to Growth – What Are You Waiting For?

    Over the next few months, we’ll talk about growth strategies for reaching…(read more)

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