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    From Good to Growth – Youth Reality Fairs

    Hundreds of thousands of students around the country each year have access to financial literacy training through classroom presentations. Many of these classroom presentations are given my credit union staff and in numerous cases these initiatives have been pioneered by credit unions. However, a new concept in financial literacy education is sweeping the country and again it is credit unions that are leading the charge.

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    From Good to Growth – What Are You Waiting For?

    Over the next few months, we’ll talk about growth strategies for reaching…(read more)

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    Empathy, Viability, and Sustainability

    Almost every day I’ve seen a new press release, TV spot or blog post on why consumers should (and are) making the switch to credit unions.

    It’s both a huge opportunity and responsibility for credit unions, but one thing it’s not: warm fuzzy altruism. It’s important to understand that implementing new products that help low-wealth members is a growth strategy. To succeed in this area, product and service development has to focus on empathy and service coupled with viability and sustainability...(read more)

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    Growth By Meeting New Needs

    Opportunity creates opportunity. I have seen this so clearly as my career has developed. A manager took a chance on me when I said I was interested in politics. Before I knew it, I was lobbying in the Montana State Legislature and got my next chance in Washington D.C. Through my role there, I met so many people throughout the credit union movement and when it was time for me to move back west and get my first job with an actual credit union, I knew people willing to give me that opportunity.

    Every day I see opportunity building opportunity at credit unions across the country. Credit unions give adoption loans so families can bring children into lives where they become thriving community members. Credit unions offer members that first loan that turns an entrepreneurial college graduate into the prominent local business owner. When chances are taken and opportunities are given, there is room for opportunity to be realized.

    Unfortunately, in a time when so many more of us- credit unions and consumers- are watching every financial move with greater care than ever before, it is difficult to justify taking on additional risk and extending resources for new programs and services for non-established potential members. Instead, we happily offer credit to our well-established members and pay dividends that reward those who already have substantial balances while struggling to justify (to our regulators, our members, and ourselves) serving those most in need of traditional financial services…

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