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    Executive Monograph – Now is the time to hunker down

    Our Executive Monograph guest is Angela McCathran, President and CEO of People’s Trust Federal Credit Union headquartered in Houston, TX. People’s Trust FCU, formerly Shell Employees FCU field of membership includes all residents of the Houston area and has been serving members since 1935. Angela started her career over 26 years ago as a part-time teller and has held many positions since then. She is currently the Chair for the Texas Credit Union League Foundation; Chair of Signal Hill LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of People’s Trust; Vice Chair for the CUSO, CU Alliance and a Board Member for the Houston Chapter of CUs. I’m also proud to say, she is also a fellow Credit Union Development Educator.

    Hear Angela’s take on the question: Is now the time for credit unions to hunker down or aggressively pursue marketshare?

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    Executive Monograph – Invest in the Future

    The CEO of Martin Federal Credit Union discusses his strategy for growth in a down economy: invest in the future.

    Martin Federal Credit Union has responded to the current economic situation in several ways. We have cut expenses in operations and staff, increased our marketing in loans, cut dividends to slow deposit growth, added electronic services and moved forward to complete a new service center…

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    Executive Monograph – Invest in Youth & Young Adult Members

    California has been hard hit by the current economic downturn. Credit unions and their members have been impacted. USA Federal Credit Union’s President and CEO Mary Cunningham used the recession as a learning experience for herself and team by learning through adversity. USAFCU has taken a proactive approach to protect institutional reserves but also expand and grow. With an average member age of 53, the credit union leadership recognized that, like many credit unions, they were not attracting younger members. Join us to hear from Mary how her credit union has aggressively pursued member growth by attracting and serving younger members.

    Click the play button to listen to this informative podcast. It may take a minute or two to load before playing.

    We welcome your comments, too.

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    Executive Monograph – Marketing is Critical

    Is now the time to hunker down or is now the time to aggressively pursue market share? CEO Jim Schrimpf of Brewery Credit Union in Milwaukee shares his opinion. We welcome your comments, too.

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    Executive Monograph – Strength in Membership

    Is now the time to hunker down or is now the time to aggressively pursue market share? When asked this question, Gerry Agnes, President and CEO of Elevations Credit Union – Boulder Colorado – stressed that “strength is in the membership” and “members need their credit union now more than ever.” A sound operation and balance sheet driven by efficiency is the key to insure long term viability.

    Join us to hear Gerry Agnes share his opinions. We encourage your comments below.

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    Executive Monograph – Looking at today’s economic conditions as a “glass half full”

    Is now the time to hunker down or is now the time to aggressively pursue market share? When asked this question, Laida Garcia, President and CEO of floridacentral Credit Union expressed her views that credit unions that are well-capitalized are in position to aggressively pursue asset and membership growth.

    They should be taking advantage where banks have “opened the door for well-positioned credit unions to step in and serve frustrated bank customers.”

    Here Laida Garcia shares her point of view and welcomes comments below.

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    Introducing: REAL CU Voices

    The current economic conditions have created anxiety on both a local and national level. Many are comparing the current market conditions to the Great Depression. Rapidly increasing unemployment, the down turn in financial markets make many credit union and community leaders think that it is time to hunker down and not aggressively seek growth in assets or membership.

    A couple of weeks ago (and one blog post down) when we asked credit unions which strategy they’d persue, 41% of the respondents believed that credit unions should hunker down and focus inwardly.

    However, 59% think this is a perfect time to capitalize on positive media attention and the increasing awareness and trust that consumers have in credit unions. These leaders are aggressively growing by targeting emerging markets and increasing product offerings to grow membership and assets.

    In the comments, Susan Fisher from Tongass FCU explains...

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