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    Crash the GAC Attendee Reflects on REAL Solutions

    As part of winning the 2011 REAL Member Solutions Video Contest, Oscar Rivera got to go to GAC in Washington, DC a few weeks ago. While he was there, National Program Director Lois Kitsch took him to speak to the “Crashers,” a group of under 30 CU professionals. Crasher Sean Capaloff-Jones recently blogged about Oscar’s session at the Crash blog.

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    Guadalupe Credit Union’s Oscar Rivera Wins for Best CU Member Story

    Oscar Rivera

    Oscar Rivera, who shared his story of becoming a homeowner and small business owner with help from Guadalupe Credit Union in Santa Fe, N.M. is the grand prize winner in the REAL Member Solutions Video Contest. Voting for the best credit union testimonial ended Friday, January 21, 2011 and 2,729 votes for the five finalists were cast over a two-week period.

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    Cast a Vote for Your Favorite CU Member Story

    After much deliberation, we’ve narrowed the amazing videos sent in by leagues and credit unions across the nation down to our top five. And now we need your help! Voting is now over – click here for the winner announcement
    Click here to watch the top five!

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    And the 2009 REAL Member Stories Contest Winner is…

    For the final vote in this contest, we had:

    5 videos from
    5 credit unions from
    4 leagues that received
    2,190 votes
    and when the poll cut off at 11:59pm on Friday night, you had chosen…

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    Pushing the Announcement Back by One Day

    Because of a very interesting end result (good interesting!) we’re pushing back the announcement of the video contest winner by one day. We apologize very much for all of you waiting, but we can’t wait to tell the story.

    Stay tuned for tomorrow!

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    A Guide to Gathering Member Testimonials

    In support of our video contest, we’ve put together a guide to help you capture member stories on video. And hopefully understanding some video storytelling fundamentals will be useful to you outside of this contest as well.

    Click through for highlights from the guide and a link to download the full PDF.

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    Leagues & Credit Unions, Start Your Cameras

    It’s been four days since the kickoff of our REAL Member Stories video contest for REAL Solutions leagues and credit unions, and we’re already excitable in anticipation of what you’ll create.

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to shoot a video that could take you and a member straight to Washington DC.

    Click through for the details...

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