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  1. // Growth Strategy

    Empathy, Viability, and Sustainability

    Almost every day I’ve seen a new press release, TV spot or blog post on why consumers should (and are) making the switch to credit unions.

    It’s both a huge opportunity and responsibility for credit unions, but one thing it’s not: warm fuzzy altruism. It’s important to understand that implementing new products that help low-wealth members is a growth strategy. To succeed in this area, product and service development has to focus on empathy and service coupled with viability and sustainability...(read more)

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  2. // Courtesy Pay

    Is Courtesy Pay Good for Members?

    Mike Beall, President of the Maryland and DC Credit Union Association, recently had a letter published in USA Today regarding overdraft protection programs – often called “courtesy pay.” Courtesy pay is not a target product of REAL Solutions. However, many low-income families are using and have come to depend on this product.

    While we do not promote or refute the use of this product, we want to know what do you think:

    Do courtesy pay programs benefit and promote good money management strategies for low wage working families? If so how?

    If not, why not?

    Answer simply through our survey and click here to leave a comment.

    Click through to read Mike’s letter.

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  3. // Podcasts

    Podcast: NCUF talks to Net Impact on Sustainable Consumer Finance: Issues in America Today

    Low-income Americans pay as much as $11 billion in fees every year to unregulated, for-profit financial services companies.

    Listen to this Issues in Depth Call with Steve Delfin and Lois Kitsch to learn how responsible financial institutions are fighting back and lightening the load for American families.

    Watch the gray bar as the podcast loads. Once loaded, click the pink button to play.

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  4. // Sustainability

    Filene Research Report on Integrating Sustainability into Credit Union Strategy

    If you haven’t read this report released by Filene Institute, I suggest you do. In fact, I’m looking for comments on the question raised in this research report.

    The researchers, Stuart Hart and Monica Touesnard from Cornell University, have provided us with sustainability initiatives that credit unions and other financial institutions have implemented that have and could “simultaneously benefit members, their communities, and credit unions’ bottom lines.”

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