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    N.Y. CUs Meet in Young Adult Outreach Workshop

    More young adult news this week, this time from a NY program made possible by a REAL Solutions grant. Representatives from 11 New York credit unions participated in the Credit Union Association of New York’s Young Adult Outreach Initiative last week. During the one-day workshop, the group explored the Gen Y market and experimented with design thinking, a unique approach to product and service innovation. The workshop was funded by a REAL Solutions grant and offered free of charge by the Association and the Filene Research Institute.

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    CU League of Connecticut Wins Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award

    Connecticut credit unions’ Financial Reality Fair program won the national Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award for Leagues for the 2009-2010 school year. The fair is for high school students, who research their career choice and starting salary prior to the fair date. They are provided with a budget worksheet identifying their career choice, and during the fair, must budget according to their salary.

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    Young Adult IQ

    Young Adult IQ Test

    For those of us who have been snipe hunting before, we know they are very difficult creatures to get your hands on! Fortunately, attracting Gen Y and other young adults to your credit union doesn't entail your management team digging through a haystack either.

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    Financial Literacy for Kids: Lemonade Stands vs. Presentations

    Business Times Article

    In a recent Business Times article, Professor Emeritus Lewis Mandell shuns standard financial literacy education. He says: "I'm very pessimistic. I have been doing research continuously, tracking levels of financial literacy which have not gotten any better, and also attempting to measure the impact of educational programmes. The research gives no reason for optimism."

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    Youth Savings Accounts: New America Foundation

    New America Foundation

    From the New America Foundation comes their Youth Savings Accounts event: Low-income youth -- one of the world's largest and most vulnerable populations -- need new tools to achieve social and economic development. A small yet growing number of practitioners, policymakers, and scholars are exploring whether savings services could be one such tool.

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    A recap on today’s session, and Questions or ideas for the next social media session?

    Hi there. Some of you, those that are my favorite, sat in on my webinar today on social media and culture.

    For future sessions, let’s focus where you need the most help. The next session is on developing a strategy. What are your questions, troubles, or wins, would you like me to address? Hook me up in the comments…

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    Four Free Webinars: Social Media – Landscape, Strategy, Tools, and Production

    It’s time to be real about social media. Throwing up a Facebook page, jumping into a blog, or blasting updates via Twitter because you heard you’re supposed to will exhaust you and annoy your members. To do it well (or decide if you should do it at all), you need to understanding, strategy, and the right tools to implement…(read more)

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    41% of American Children Live in Poverty

    Credit unions care about kids. We support all kinds of children’s charities, provide financial educational opportunities, support little league, athletic and after school programs. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty fourteen million American children live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level, which is $22,050 a year for a family of four…(read more)

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    CU Tomorrow Conversation #2: Goals, Assessments, & Focus Groups

    If you missed last month’s session with Filene’s Ben Rogers, don’t fret. Jeff Purvis sits down with Filene’s once-Young Adult Driver, now-Director of Research (congrats on the promotion, Ben) to discuss Filene’s latest findings on how to build accountability, measure success, and create a culture of listening, growth, and improvement around your Gen Y initiatives.

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    Executive Monograph – Invest in Youth & Young Adult Members

    California has been hard hit by the current economic downturn. Credit unions and their members have been impacted. USA Federal Credit Union’s President and CEO Mary Cunningham used the recession as a learning experience for herself and team by learning through adversity. USAFCU has taken a proactive approach to protect institutional reserves but also expand and grow. With an average member age of 53, the credit union leadership recognized that, like many credit unions, they were not attracting younger members. Join us to hear from Mary how her credit union has aggressively pursued member growth by attracting and serving younger members.

    Click the play button to listen to this informative podcast. It may take a minute or two to load before playing.

    We welcome your comments, too.

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    Wondering what CU Tomorrow is all about?

    If you happened to miss the first webinar for CU Tomorrow, all is not lost. The National Credit Union Foundation caught up with Ben Rogers, Filene Research Institute’s, former driver of the 30 Under 30 Group to share what CU Tomorrow is all about; why should credit unions reach out to young adults and provide insight into solutions for attracting youth and young adults, as well as younger professionals and volunteers.

    Click the play button to listen to this intriguing podcast. It may take a minute or two to load before playing.

    Click for the details and a link to the handouts.

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    The Latest on our Upcoming Young Adult Webinars

    What do credit unions and young adults have in common?

    Far too little, unfortunately, for comfort.

    What: Starting this Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern, REAL Solutions will present the latest research on young adults’ financial habits and needs. This Thursday’s meeting will introduce the CU Tomorrow project from the Filene Research Institute and offer an introduction to how credit unions can capitalize on the changing financial marketplace to reach out to young adults with products and services, not just financial education.

    Click for the details, a link to the presentation materials, and call-in instructions.

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    Six Free Webinars on Attracting Youth & Young Adults

    Did you know that the average college graduate carries more than $20,000 in debt?

    Did you know that less than a quarter of credit union directors are younger than 50, and only 6% are younger than 40?

    Did you know that young credit union professionals value innovation and relationships more than salary?

    We’ve partnered with the Filene Research Institute to bring research findings and useful advice to REAL Solutions credit unions. More than a jumble of data, this series of webinars brings insights to the range of challenges facing credit unions and promises solutions for attracting younger members, younger professionals, and younger volunteers.

    Click through for the details.

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