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    From Good to Growth – Partnerships

    Join our very own Bill Myers as he discusses building partnerships with non-profits to reach new markets and achieve goals you couldn't have achieved on your own. Bill discusses using partnerships to reach new markets, find new sources of funding, and emerging markets.

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  2. // From Good to Growth

    From Good to Growth – Tracking Results

    When a credit union implements a new product launch or service initiative, the credit union should have the tools in place to track the results. Frequently, credit unions are limited by their core processor on what they are able to track, thus dimishing the potential return of the project.

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  3. // Conferences

    Expanding Financial Access through Innovative Community Initiatives: Promising Practices from the Bank On Field

    NLC & Treasury Logos

    Recently, our own Bill Myers attended 2 day workshop put on by the National League of Cities and the U.S. Treasury Department to discuss how improved financial services can be delivered to underserved families. This is what he had to say about the event:

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  4. // Credit Unions

    New Resource Available for Developing Savings Products

    Does your credit union take a “one size fits all” approach to small-balance savings accounts? If so, you might be overlooking an important opportunity to encourage saving and help your low-wealth members develop a savings routine. Whether for emergencies or for future purchases, it’s more important than ever for low-wealth households to build savings. In this low-interest rate environment, traditional share savings accounts won’t provide the functionality, resources, and incentives that consumers need to take the savings plunge.

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  5. // From Good to Growth

    From Good to Growth – The Payday Loan Industry

    The payday loan industry has been ballooning in recent years, with estimates ranging from $18B to $40B dollars a year. With an average loan amount of roughly $350 and a term less than 30 days, these loans are estimated to service 20 million people in the US each year.

    Join Nancy Pierce as she discusses what credit unions can do to provide a member-friendly alternative to these expensive loans.

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  6. // Credit Unions

    How to Start a VITA Site in Your Community

    A Community of Bees

    RAISE Texas, United Ways of Texas, and the Internal Revenue Service – SPEC office have published a new toolkit entitled, “How to Start a VITA Site in your Community: Bringing More Dollars into the Local Economy While Supporting Families.”

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  7. // Loans & Credit

    IRS puts Silver Bullet in RALs

    Speaking of Refund Anticipation Loans, last week the Internal Revenue Service dramatically shifted the market by ending the RAL business with a single, much-delayed motion.

    This is important info for any credit union in the VITA program, whether or not you’re offering RALs…

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  8. // Loans & Credit

    Doing Refund Anticipation Loans, the Credit Union Way

    Montana Credit Unoin Network: Refund Anticipation Loans

    The Montana Credit Union Network recently completed a project with REAL Solutions and our own Nancy Pierce about refund anticipation loans and the perception of those products in the industry and with consumers.

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  9. // Emerging Markets

    From Good to Growth – Reaching the Immigrant Population

    The immigrant population is the fastest growing emerging market and credit unions have a tremendous opportunity serve them. Whether through language classes, unique product offerings, or partnerships with community groups, credit unions are poised to help this market succeed.

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  10. // League Highlights

    Linking Saving Money to Winning Prizes with Save to Win: The Michigan Story

    This article is the eighth installment in a monthly series of interviews designed to provide REAL Solutions® League Liaisons and other league staff up-to-date strategies used by their peers to grow their REAL Solutions® efforts. This interview describes the efforts of the Michigan Credit Union League to enable several credit unions to join forces in order to offer a prize-linked savings product with a headline-grabbing grand prize, and to share in the costs of product development, marketing, legal, and ongoing administration. Please learn more from this interview with Stacy Dugan, CRI Coordinator for the Michigan Credit Union League, and Executive Director of the Michigan Credit Union Foundation. (read more...)

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  11. // Credit Unions

    Help Improve CU Participation in VITA

    VITA Survey

    Debra Chandler, the National Credit Union Relationship Manager from the IRS, has put out a call to complete a short survey about credit union participation with the VITA program. Please take a few short moments to review the survey and respond.

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  12. // Youth & Young Adults

    Young Adult IQ

    Young Adult IQ Test

    For those of us who have been snipe hunting before, we know they are very difficult creatures to get your hands on! Fortunately, attracting Gen Y and other young adults to your credit union doesn't entail your management team digging through a haystack either.

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  13. // League Highlights

    What’s your reason?

    The Wisconsin League For a Reason Website

    The Wisconsin Credit Union League has launched a program called For a REASON and it does a tremendous job of demonstrating the value of the league and credit unions to the community. In addition to their community service, they also publish their annual report, detailing how Wisconsin credit unions delivered value to their community.

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  14. // Community Development

    DE’s Provide REAL Member Solutions

    If you’ve ever met someone who’s gone through Development Education (DE) training, you know it’s an experience no one ever forgets. “Life-changing” is a descriptor that’s come up more than once in conversation. If you haven’t, or have never heard of DE, let’s talk for a second…

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  15. // League Highlights

    Podcast from the League of Southeastern Credit Unions

    I love to go to league meetings. It is a chance to really connect to credit unions and see what they are thinking and what is working for them. Next week I will be right here in Orlando for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions Annual Convention. I spent many years working for credit unions in Florida and know many of the folks from here. So it is always good to catch up.

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