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    The 411 with REAL Solutions Field Coaches

    We asked our field coaches to tell us about an interesting REAL Solutions project they’re working on. Here’s what they told us:

    Mark Lynch is working with the Massachusetts League and two credit unions in that state to build a partnership with their Brazilian community. Specifically, he says...

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  2. // Youth & Young Adults

    Financial Literacy for Kids: Lemonade Stands vs. Presentations

    Business Times Article

    In a recent Business Times article, Professor Emeritus Lewis Mandell shuns standard financial literacy education. He says: "I'm very pessimistic. I have been doing research continuously, tracking levels of financial literacy which have not gotten any better, and also attempting to measure the impact of educational programmes. The research gives no reason for optimism."

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  3. // From Good to Growth

    From Good to Growth – Prepaid Cards

    We need a product that is a pre-checking account; a place that people can put their money and have the safety and access to other products and not experience the fees of overdrafts. That’s a prepaid card.

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  4. // Payday Lending

    Infographic: Rent to Own is Loansharking

    Rent to Own is generally understood to be a poor deal for consumers. Credit Union consumer loans are a replacement product but rarely do CUs market against RTO.

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  5. // Community Development

    Youth Grant Announcement – Promise Neighborhoods

    The U.S. Department of Education has recently released its application for a new grant program called Promise Neighborhoods. It aims to invest in programs that offer social, educational, and health-related support to the youth in low income and rural areas all over America.

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  6. // REAL Solutions News

    Bucky Sebastian – Joining the National Credit Union Foundation

    Bucky Sebastian - Photo Credit: Widoff Photography

    After two weeks of much-needed vacation, I am happily back in my REAL Solutions seat. By far the most exciting news upon my return was the one announcing the NCUF Board’s decision to hire Bucky Sebastian as the new NCUF Executive Director.

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  7. // Biz Kid$

    Biz Kid$ ring the bell at the NYSE

    Biz Kid$, the Emmy Award-winning financial literacy series on public television, visit the NYSE to celebrate the launch of five new episodes in April. In honor of the occasion, Kaelon Horst, Biz Kid$ host, and George Burdick, First Vice President, Wealth Advisor from Worcester, MA, ring The Closing Bell, joined by Alexander Oki and Austin Siedentopf, Biz Kid$ hosts, along with seven of the young entrepreneurs from Boston, Washington, D.C., and New York, who have been featured on the series.

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  8. // Conferences

    Youth Savings Accounts: New America Foundation

    New America Foundation

    From the New America Foundation comes their Youth Savings Accounts event: Low-income youth -- one of the world's largest and most vulnerable populations -- need new tools to achieve social and economic development. A small yet growing number of practitioners, policymakers, and scholars are exploring whether savings services could be one such tool.

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  9. // From Good to Growth

    From Good to Growth – Youth Reality Fairs

    Hundreds of thousands of students around the country each year have access to financial literacy training through classroom presentations. Many of these classroom presentations are given my credit union staff and in numerous cases these initiatives have been pioneered by credit unions. However, a new concept in financial literacy education is sweeping the country and again it is credit unions that are leading the charge.

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  10. // Communication Strategy

    Serving Diverse Members – A Sensitivity Guide

    Could your credit union employees benefit from Sensitivity/Diversity Training? We’ve developed a new sensitivity guide to help…

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  11. // Biz Kid$

    Financial Literacy with Biz Kids

    One of the things I miss most about being in a credit union is the opportunity to visit local schools to provide financial education. I loved working with junior high students – yes I bribed them with pizza, candy and snacks but also brought them great information about managing money. I don’t know who learned more – them or me but I enjoyed every minute. Some called me a masochist but I liked junior high students – they had a lot to say and a lot to learn.

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  12. // Community Development

    What is Your State’s Asset Poverty Profile?

    A couple of weeks ago, I happened to stumble upon a free, downloadable resource that I want to share with REAL Solutions leagues and credit unions. It’s called the Assets & Opportunity Scorecard, and it’s published by the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a pioneer in asset-building.

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  13. // Credit Unions

    FDIC Meeting – “We Have To Keep Moving!”

    Washington was at the height of cherry blossom season. A light breeze and plenty of tourists. From the FDIC Headquarters we could watch the exterior repairs on the French Second Empire-style Old Executive Office Building across the street or look south to the Mall and Washington Monument. At meetings where credit unions visit banks, I start out as a visitor, maybe even a tourist. As this meeting progressed, I realized incrementally, “Credit Union are in front of banking the unbanked now. But we have to keep moving!”

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  14. // Communication Strategy

    Making Change by Changing Information Delivery Methods

    Total U.S. consumer debt decreased by 4.3% from 2008 to 2009. During that same period, total revolving debt dropped by 9.6% and credit card debt sunk 10.5%. Statistics like these always generate interesting reactions. Taken alone, they suggest that Americans may finally be trying to kick their debt habits. Hardly.

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  15. // Youth & Young Adults

    A recap on today’s session, and Questions or ideas for the next social media session?

    Hi there. Some of you, those that are my favorite, sat in on my webinar today on social media and culture.

    For future sessions, let’s focus where you need the most help. The next session is on developing a strategy. What are your questions, troubles, or wins, would you like me to address? Hook me up in the comments…

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