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  1. // REAL Solutions News

    REAL Solutions Financial Education Data Collection Update

    In 2011, the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) and its REAL Solutions® program conducted a comprehensive national study of credit-union provided member financial education to provide state leagues and the broader credit union movement with information that quantifies the extent to which credit unions advance consumer financial literacy and decision-making. Working with state credit union leagues/associations, NCUF’s goal is to provide data that can be used in public awareness-building and related outreach efforts to demonstrate the power of credit union education and counseling initiatives, and to help credit unions implement additional financial education products, tools and programs for members/consumers.

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  2. // League Highlights

    Financial Counseling Best Practices Guide Now Available from Michigan

    Experienced Michigan credit union financial counselors share their best practices and financial counseling program details in a guide called Financial Counseling Best Practices that is now available on the Michigan Credit Union League website.

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  3. // Youth & Young Adults

    Pennsylvania’s Reality Fair Attracts State Officials at Capitol

    From CUNA News Now – The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation, through the National Credit Union Foundation’s REAL Solutions Project Initiative, sponsored their first Financial Reality Fair at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa.

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  4. // Emerging Markets

    See How Underbanked Your Community is with Bank On

    Have you seen this? It’s a neat tool I came across recently. It’s from the folks at Bank On and JoinBankOn.org by CFED in partnership with the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment, the National League of Cities and the New America Foundation, with support from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

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  5. // REAL Solutions News

    SchoolsFirst FCU Case Study Released from REAL Solutions Financial Education Report

    We’ve just released the first 1-page case study from the National Credit Union Foundation’s (NCUF)forthcoming national report from NCUF showing how the credit union movement is making a difference through financial education and counseling. This case study on Schoolsfirst Federal Credit Union is from the section of the report on classroom presentations.

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  6. // League Highlights

    Michigan CU League Helping CUs with Financial Counseling

    Knowing the consumer need for trustworthy financial guidance while tight credit union budgets often restrict the number of staff able to attend a live training school, the Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) offered a unique guided self-study financial counseling training program last year that resulted in 72 new Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors from 33 Michigan credit unions. Since then, MCUL has reached an estimated 170 credit union staff and more than1,850 consumers.

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  7. // Loans & Credit

    Prime Time for Non-Prime Auto Loans – New Toolkit Available

    Credit unions trying to boost their auto loan portfolios now have an added aid, a Non-Prime Auto Loan Toolkit. Many households are struggling financially and a dependable automobile can be the key to having a job or having a better paying job. Many of these households may look at the corner buy-here-pay-here auto lot as their only option and find themselves caught in a costly loan and an unreliable car.

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  8. // Foreclosures

    Federation Creates Foreclosure Intervention Toolkit for CUs

    The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (Federation) has recently completed a new “Credit Union Foreclosure Intervention Toolkit” to help credit unions combat the foreclosure crisis in their communities. Among other activities, the Federation has also been holding “train-the-trainer” workshops about the toolkit to credit unions and state credit union leagues on the front lines of the foreclosure crisis.

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  9. // Biz Kid$

    Biz Kid$ Starter Kits Now Available from NCUF

    Supporters of Biz Kid$ can now receive a new Biz Kid$ "starter kit" filled with DVDs and materials to teach Biz Kid$ to schools in their area. Biz Kid$ is the Emmy Award winning and credit union funded public television series that teaches kids about money management and entrepreneurship.

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  10. // REAL Solutions News

    First State Pages Released from Forthcoming REAL Solutions Financial Education Report

    KS, IL & DE Pages Show how CU’s Financial Education Efforts are Making a Difference in their State

    Three state pages were released from the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) and will be part of a forthcoming national report from NCUF showing how the credit union movement is making a difference through financial education and counseling. The Delaware, Illinois, and Kansas pages were put together from data collected by NCUF for its 2011 Credit Union Member Education Inventory.

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  11. // Youth & Young Adults

    Reality Fairs Dispatched Around Texas by League

    The Texas Credit Union League has recently created two traveling Reality Fair sets for Texas credit unions to use and have already held six fairs in high schools across Texas since May. A Reality Fair is an interactive financial literacy tool for high school students that gives them the opportunity to participate in a hands-on event that guides them through the personal financial management process, including budgeting, saving and investing in a simulated real-world environment.

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  12. // Loans & Credit

    Low-Interest Auto Loan NY Times Op-Ed Spotlights CUs & REAL Solutions

    The New York Times pointed to the National Credit Union Foundation’s efforts to help borrowers with poor credit get car loans.

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  13. // League Highlights

    CUANM Helps Families Save Money & Reduce Debt with Savings Challenge

    Several New Mexico families who belong to their local credit unions now have better awareness and knowledge of good financial habits after participating in the 11-month “Savings Challenge New Mexico” and one lucky family is now $10,000 richer. The Challenge goals were basic stepping stones that provided each family with the skills to achieve better financial well-being. The three goals were: reduce debt, build savings and improve their credit score.

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  14. // Development Education

    Registration Open for Spring 2012 Development Education Training

    Registration is now open for the Spring 2012 Credit Union Development Education (DE) training class taking place April 18-25 in Madison, Wis. Attendees of the six-day total immersion experience will learn about credit unions’ social responsibility and domestic and international development through interactive education and professional networking.

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  15. // League Highlights

    Wisconsin CU League’s Investor Education Reaching Thousands of WI CU Employees

    The Wisconsin Credit Union League is making a difference across the state with the Investor Education in Your Workplace™ (or “IEiYW™”) program. IEiYW is a free, online financial and investment education program made possible thanks to a grant from the Investor Protection Trust.

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