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League Partners

Alabama Credit Union League, now League of Southeastern Credit Unions
Association of Vermont Credit Unions
California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues
Credit Union Association of Colorado/Wyoming
Credit Union Association of New Mexico
Credit Union Association of New York
Credit Union Association of Oklahoma
Credit Union Association of Oregon
Credit Union Association of Rhode Island
Florida Credit Union League, now League of Southeastern Credit Unions
Georgia Credit Union Affiliates
Hawaii Credit Union League
Idaho Credit Union League
Illinios Credit Union League
Indiana Credit Union League
Iowa Credit Union League
Kansas Credit Union Association
Louisiana Credit Union League
Maine Credit Union League
Maryland & DC Credit Union Association
Massachusetts Credit Union League
Michigan Credit Union League
Mississippi Credit Union Association
Missouri Credit Union Association
Montana Credit Union Network
New Hampshire Credit Union League
New Jersey Credit Union League
Ohio Credit Union System
Pennsylvania Credit Union Association
Tennessee Credit Union League
Texas Credit Union League
The Arizona Credit Union League & Affiliates
The Credit Union League of Connecticut
Utah League of Credit Unions
Virginia Credit Union League
Wisconsin Credit Union League

36 leagues participate in REAL Solutions.

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Why Should Leagues/Associations Get Involved?

REAL Solutions® offers important outreach activities to people of low or moderate incomes, new Americans, the un-banked and under-banked – people who are often locked out of affordable saving and borrowing opportunities. As not-for-profit, member-owned organizations, credit unions were conceptually designed to meet the financial needs of their members, regardless of members’ wealth.

REAL Solutions® isn’t a particular program or service; it’s a commitment by credit unions to offer financial solutions to improve the lives of their members and strengthen their communities. The good news is that most credit unions are already offering products and services to help members of modest means improve their financial well-being.

The goal of the REAL Solutions® program is to document and measure the impact credit unions are having within their respective states. That’s where leagues can step in and spearhead the REAL Solutions® effort in their state to get their member credit unions formally involved.

State leagues can serve as a catalyst to bring credit unions together to share ideas and best practices and to explore new opportunities to help people of limited means. Through REAL Solutions®, these best practices and innovative ideas are gathered together to form a national resource pool from which all can draw. It’s the ultimate concept of a cooperative movement.