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Presentations & Media Kit


2010 Real Solutions Business Strategy

REAL Solutions Marketing Presentation

Media Kit

Build Your REAL Solutions Arsenal!

The National Credit Union Foundation has created this REAL Solutions Resource Center to facilitate your state league’s REAL Solutions effort. Everything your league needs to get started with this important effort can be found within the Resource Center.

Success with REAL Solutions is a two-pronged approach. First, your state league has to promote the program to credit unions and encourage their participation. Second, your league should promote the efforts of your member credit unions to the media and lawmakers, and provide resources for credit unions to promote their efforts to members and the community. Samples, templates, and other resources are available through the REAL Solutions Resource Center for your league to adapt to these audiences based on how REAL Solutions is taking shape in your state.

We encourage you to build a REAL Solutions section of your website to promote involvement among member credit unions. Here, credit unions can access and download all the materials they need to get involved.

REAL Solutions Audiences and Pillars

While credit unions around the country are already practicing REAL Solutions (whether or not they are formally involved), your league’s commitment to communicating how your member credit unions are making a difference is what will make REAL Solutions a viable effort that consumers and lawmakers care about. Getting their attention is key! The audiences that will make or break the program are:

  • The Media
  • Lawmakers
  • Credit Union Members
  • The Community

In each instance we communicate with any of these four audiences, a REAL Solutions topic will be addressed. We have broken these topics into “pillars” as follows:

  • Education: product awareness, counseling, and staff training
  • Transaction Services: check cashing, fee-free checking, money orders, remittances, and tax preparation
  • Savings: low membership fee, savings awareness, safe accounts, long-term savings
  • Credit: payday alternatives, small loans, used car loans, loan policies, staff awareness
  • Home Ownership: HLPR loan, counseling, staff training, credit score

The resources available to you will be labeled by audience and by pillar for easy reference.

Guidelines for Leveraging REAL Solutions in the News

A set of guidelines for getting the most out of REAL Solutions communications efforts to the media.

Communication Planning Checklist

Sample checklist for a league to further develop communications with each of the four audiences.

REAL Solutions Logos

Logos for use in print and web communications relating to REAL Solutions.

REAL Solutions Ideas

Use these creative and innovative ideas to reach out to your members and the community with REAL Solutions.

REAL Solutions Brochure

Sample of a state league brochure to encourage credit union participation.Text is available for leagues to create their own design.

REAL Solutions Media & Lawmaker Brochure

Sample of a state league brochure to explain REAL Solutions to the media and/or lawmakers. Text is available for leagues to create their own design.

Tax Assistance Brochure

Sample of a state league brochure to encourage credit union participation. Text is available for leagues to create their own design.

REAL Solutions “how to” video instructions

Sample of state League REAL Solutions video and instructions/guidelines for a League to film its own video. The video could be used in a variety of contexts and for a variety of audiences, including credit unions, their members, and lawmakers to help better-understand the program.

Multimedia Campaign

Sample of state League REAL Solutions multimedia campaign with guidelines for implementation. The multimedia campaign includes materials such as the REAL Solutions Booklet and REAL Solutions Video.

Other materials include:

  • REAL Solutions Floor Displays or Hanging Banners
  • REAL Solutions Long-sleeve T-shirts
  • REAL Solutions File Folders (use for staff meetings or to explain your CU’s REAL Solutions in the community, to media, lawmakers, etc.)

To complete the multimedia, view samples of league websites devoted to specific topics:

Press Releases

The following downloadable materials are a collection of samples and templates your league may adapt in any way to communicate your REAL Solutions initiatives.

Audience: Media
Format: Press Release
Usage: Use a press release to engage the media and gain recognition for the league or a particular credit union’s efforts that is newsworthy. Distribute to news outlets such as newspapers, television stations, industry publications, business news publications, radio stations, etc.

Audience: Media and Community
Format: Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Usage: PSAs are used to engage the community via a media outlet with whom the league or credit union has an established relationship. Most luck is had when a media buy has been contracted and free PSAs are worked into the contract. Most often, the media is radio or television, and the station donates the talent and airtime to the “cause.”

Audience: Members
Format: Newsletter/Web Article (for either the league or credit unions)
Usage: Inform member credit unions and/or credit union members about REAL Solutions programs in the state or at a specific credit union.

Audience: Members and Community
Format: The Credit Union Story campaign
Usage: Promote REAL Solutions programs with a member testimonial style marketing campaign that is adaptable to any credit union or program. This particular campaign is available at www.thecustory.com.

Audience: Lawmakers
Format: Newsletter
Usage: Reinforce the credit union difference message with articles supporting REAL Solutions programs in a newsletter distributed to lawmakers. This is also an excellent way to defend credit unions’ tax exempt status to those in office.

Audience: Lawmakers
Format: Grassroots email text
Usage: Remind lawmakers of the importance of credit unions in the community, particularly with REAL Solutions programs in place. The letters written address a particular piece of legislation, but can be adapted to raise general concerns.

Guidelines for writing to lawmakers regarding REAL Solutions