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Kirby Kangaroo

Credit Union :High Plains
Assets :$41,900,000
Address :Po Box 2050 | Clovis, NM 88102

Vendors/Systems Used :

Offered through the Credit Union Association of New Mexico.

Target Market :

For kids from 0 to 13 years of age.

Program Results/Statistics :

As of 2013, High Plains has over 550 Kirby Kid accounts.

Member Benefits :

Parents can enroll their children into the Kirby Kids Program to teach them about how to save money and for every $5 deposited into the kids account they receive a Kirby Buck that allows them to save up and buy things from the Kirby store.

Additional Information :

Kids receive birthday cards and invitations to Kirby functions as part of the club accounts. In the summer of 2013 the credit union started an intern program with the goal of revamping the Kirby Kids program. Mychael Sturm, High Plains Federal Credit Union Intern, began working with Kym Moore, Educational Specialist for Credit Union Association of New Mexico, to make the Kirby Kangaroo program more compelling to the children. One of the ideas being considered is redesigning the mascot to be a super hero.

“We want to make the kids program something that the kids will really like. HPFCU is trying to combine two massive influences: Video Games and Super Heroes to ensure kids will want to be a part of this great program” Mychael Sturm says. “I am really excited for these great ideas to be brought to life and the opportunities they will present.”